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              A picture for the book Little Women

              Little Women

              Louisa May Alcott's Little Women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy (1868) follows the lives, loves and tribulations of four sisters growing up during the American Civil War. Illustrated by Frank T. Merrill. The story is based on the childhood experiences Alcott shared with her real-life sisters, Anna, May and Elizabeth.

              Alcott intricately explores the rich nuances of family and family relationships with each character. Avid Alcott readers often identify in themselves one of the four sisters at various phases in their own lives. It's a perfect story for Christmas, or any time of year; a fine example of Romanticism.

              Alcott's novel is featured in our collection of 25 Great American Novels and Books for Young Readers, Christmas Stories, and Civil War Stories.
              We are pleased to feature a 150th anniversary special edition audiobook read by Andrea Emmes.

              Home of the LIttle Women


              PART ONE: CHAPTER ONE - Playing Pilgrims

              PART ONE: CHAPTER TWO - A Merry Christmas

              PART ONE: CHAPTER THREE - The Laurence Boy

              PART ONE: CHAPTER FOUR - Burdens

              PART ONE: CHAPTER FIVE - Being Neighborly

              PART ONE: CHAPTER SIX - Beth Finds the Palace Beautiful

              PART ONE: CHAPTER SEVEN - Amy's Valley of Humiliation

              PART ONE: CHAPTER EIGHT - Jo Meets Apollyon

              PART ONE: CHAPTER NINE - Meg Goes to Vanity Fair

              PART ONE: CHAPTER TEN - The P.C. and P.O.

              PART ONE: CHAPTER ELEVEN - Experiments

              PART ONE: CHAPTER TWELVE - Camp Laurence

              PART ONE: CHAPTER THIRTEEN - Castles in the Air

              PART ONE: CHAPTER FOURTEEN - Secrets

              PART ONE: CHAPTER FIFTEEN - A Telegram

              PART ONE: CHAPTER SIXTEEN - Letters

              PART ONE: CHAPTER SEVENTEEN - Little Faithful

              PART ONE: CHAPTER EIGHTEEN - Dark Days

              PART ONE: CHAPTER NINETEEN - Amy's Will

              PART ONE: CHAPTER TWENTY - Confidential

              PART ONE: CHAPTER TWENTY - ONE - Laurie Makes Mischief, and Jo Makes Peace

              PART ONE: CHAPTER TWENTY - TWO - Pleasant Meadows

              PART ONE: CHAPTER TWENTY - THREE - Aunt March Settles the Question

              PART TWO

              PART TWO: CHAPTER TWENTY - FOUR - Gossip

              PART TWO: CHAPTER TWENTY - FIVE - The First Wedding

              PART TWO: CHAPTER TWENTY - SIX - Artistic Attempts

              PART TWO: CHAPTER TWENTY - SEVEN - Literary Lesson

              PART TWO: CHAPTER TWENTY - EIGHT - Domestic Experiences

              PART TWO: CHAPTER TWENTY -NINE - Calls

              PART TWO: CHAPTER THIRTY - Consequences

              PART TWO: CHAPTER THIRTY - ONE - Our Foreign Correspondent

              PART TWO: CHAPTER THIRTY - TWO - Tender Trouble

              PART TWO: CHAPTER THIRTY -THREE - Jo's Journal

              PART TWO: CHAPTER THIRTY - FOUR - A Friend

              PART TWO: CHAPTER THIRTY - FIVE - Heartache

              PART TWO: CHAPTER THIRTY - SIX - Beth's Secret

              PART TWO: CHAPTER THIRTY - SEVEN - New Impressions

              PART TWO: CHAPTER THIRTY - EIGHT - On the Shelf

              PART TWO: CHAPTER THIRTY - NINE - Lazy Laurence

              PART TWO: CHAPTER FORTY - The Valley of the Shadow

              PART TWO: CHAPTER FORTY - ONE - Learning to Forget

              PART TWO: CHAPTER FORTY - TWO - All Alone

              PART TWO: CHAPTER FORTY - THREE - Surprises

              PART TWO: CHAPTER FORTY - FOUR - My Lord and Lady

              PART TWO: CHAPTER FORTY - FIVE - Daisy and Demi

              PART TWO: CHAPTER FORTY - SIX - Under the Umbrella

              PART TWO: CHAPTER FORTY -SEVEN - Harvest Time

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