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              A picture for the book Main Street

              Main Street

              Main Street (1920) is a story about Carol Milford, who is convinced by her new husband, Dr. Will Kennicott, to leave the city life to which she is accustomed. They relocate to his hometown of Gopher Prairie, Minnesota, where she is taken aback by the little town's backward ways and ugly appearance. She soon sets about to "improve" it.

              Main Street chronicles her transformative struggle with a local culture deeply set in its ways. Featured in our collection of 25 Great American Novels.

              Main Street cover


              CHAPTER I

              CHAPTER II

              CHAPTER III

              CHAPTER IV

              CHAPTER V

              CHAPTER VI

              CHAPTER VII

              CHAPTER VIII

              CHAPTER IX

              CHAPTER X

              CHAPTER XI

              CHAPTER XII

              CHAPTER XIII

              CHAPTER XIV

              CHAPTER XV

              CHAPTER XVI

              CHAPTER XVII

              CHAPTER XVIII

              CHAPTER XIX

              CHAPTER XX

              CHAPTER XXI

              CHAPTER XXII

              CHAPTER XXIII

              CHAPTER XXIV

              CHAPTER XXV

              CHAPTER XXVI

              CHAPTER XXVII

              CHAPTER XXVIII

              CHAPTER XXIX

              CHAPTER XXX

              CHAPTER XXXI

              CHAPTER XXXII

              CHAPTER XXXIII

              CHAPTER XXXIV

              CHAPTER XXXV

              CHAPTER XXXVI

              CHAPTER XXXVII

              CHAPTER XXXVIII

              CHAPTER XXXIX

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