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              A Tale for Halloween

              Halloween Stories for Children

              Halloween stories perfect for young children (not-too-scary) about good-luck witches, friendly ghosts, magic, black cats and jack-o-lanterns. You might enjoy our other children's collections: Short Stories for Children, Children's Poems, Books for Young Readers, and Lullabies

              Ready for truly SCARY? For grown-ups and older students: Halloween Stories and Gothic, Ghost, Horror & Weird

              Halloween Poems for Children: Halloween, Halloween, is the night when the future may be seen
              Jack-O-Lantern Song
              Halloween Songs for Children: Jack-O-Lantern Song
              A Tale for Halloween
              Halloween Stories for Children: A Tale for Halloween

              The Goblin Man
              Halloween Songs for Children: The Goblin Man
              Halloween Stories for Children: Lewis Carroll, Phantasmagoria
              Our Little Ghost
              Halloween Stories for Children: Louisa May Alcott, Our Little Ghost
              Jolly Halloween
              Halloween Stories for Children: Jolly Halloween
              Pumpkins in the Cornfield
              Halloween Stories for Children: Hallow Eve Motion Song, Pumpkins in the Cornfield
              Hansel and Gretel
              Hansel and Gretel
              The Two Sisters
              Halloween Stories for Children: The Two Sisters
              The Bogey-Beast
              The Bogey-Beast
              The Old Witch
              Grimm's Fairy Tales: The Old Witch
              The Strange Visitor
              The Strange Visitor
              Halloween Poems for All Ages: Halloween, A Poem by Robert Burns, a Scottish/English celebration
              The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
              The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
              The Great Pumpkin
              Linus waits for The Great Pumpkin, a holiday tradition thanks to Peanuts' creator, Charles Shultz!
              Song of the Witches
              Song of the Witches

              Not Exactly Halloween Stories, But Great Fall Read-Alouds

              Jack and the Beanstalk
              Halloween Stories for Children: Magic Beans in Jack and the Beanstalk
              Little Red Riding Hood
              Halloween Stories for Children: Wolf Wears a Costume in Little Red Riding Hood
              The Pumpkin-Glory
              The Pumpkin-Glory
              The Little Bat Who Wouldn't Go to Bed
              Perfect for Halloween: The Little Bat Who Whouldn't Go to Bed

              Does your family or class have a favorite Halloween story in the public domain? Please send your suggestions to amlit.editor@gmail.com

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